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How To Help Someone Having A Diabetic Seizure?

To manage diabetes effectively and efficiently, it is very necessary to have knowledge of the condition and steps essential to avoid any complications. Maintaining the level of blood glucose is not so difficult nowadays as compared to earlier period of time. There are so many substitutes available for sugar. However, if the blood glucose levels become too high or too low for continued period of time, it can have severe health effects and can also lead to death. A diabetic seizure is a severe impediment of this disease. It is very necessary that patient and caregivers know how to handle seizures and diabetes so that proper medical help can be provided at the shortest time.


Before we proceed to know how to help someone having a diabetic seizure? Let’s understand why it happens? According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetic seizure occurs when a person become hypoglycemic, which means sugar levels in the blood have dropper too low. This can happen because of many reasons, few of them can be:

  • Taken insulin beyond the normal limit allowed.
  • Done exercise vigorously neglecting the proper diet
  • Skipped meals
  • Consumed a lot of alcohol
  • Any metabolic disease

Apart from these most common reasons, medicine side effect or its interaction with other drug can also cause a sudden drop of glucose level in the body. It is a common belief that diabetic seizure usually happen when the blood sugar levels are too low. However, there are many evidences that show that it can also happen when the blood glucose level is too high.

Diabetic Seizure Symptoms

So far I hope you are clear on the reasons/causes that give rise to diabetic seizure. Let’s see some of the diabetic seizure symptoms. The most common signs of a diabetic seizure include:

Initial Symptoms

  • Feeling cold, faint, confused or sleepy.

Secondary Symptoms

  • Feeling anxious, weakness of muscle or loss of muscle control. Not able to speak properly and may have blurred vision.

Additional Symptoms

  • You may develop a feeling of hallucinations, have no knowledge of your surroundings, cry without any control or face emotional distress.

How To Help Someone With Diabetic Seizure?

How to Help Someone Having A Diabetic Seizure?

Having knowledge of the different symptoms of diabetic seizure makes it easy to understand and help the person with such an attack. There are few things which you should do to help anyone:

  • The first step is to test the sugar level, when you see a person showing symptoms of a diabetic seizure.
  • If the sugar is too low, you can place honey or sweet syrup inside the gums of the person.
  • If the blood sugar is too high, extra insulin can be given.
  • Learn to understand the initial symptoms such as the sense of weakness or the blurring vision.
  • Move heavy furniture away from the person, so that they don’t get hurt.
  • Do not restrain a person with a seizure attack and never attempt to put anything inside the mouth.
  • Call an ambulance and give them your support and care. Lie down the person on their side and stay with them.
  • If the diabetic seizure becomes too complicated and severe, an injection called glucogon helps to calm down the person.

I hope this article helps you to help some with diabetic seizure. For more articles on epilepsy, seizure types and symptoms, please click here.

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