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Grand Mal Seizures and Brain Damage

Grand Mal Seizures & Brain Trauma Chicken & Egg Game

A lot of people are still wondering if grand mal seizures lead to brain damage. In the first place, on some people, the cause of grand mal seizure is already a brain injury or other illnesses. This makes it hard for physicians to conclude if the damage to the brain of the person is caused by the seizure or has already been there even before the seizure has begun. Through researches, it has been known that brain damage after  episodes of grand mal seizures is rare. There are negative changes in the brain but there is a possibility of losing a few specific brain cells.

What Seizure Causes Brain Damage?

The type of seizure that is very much capable of doing brain damage to a person is status epilepticus. This is the reason why it is important to take note of the duration of the grand mal seizure the person experiences. Grand mal seizures can indeed cause brain damage if it has already lasted for more than 30 minutes, because it will now be known as status epilepticus. This is a medical emergency where aggressive medical interventions must be applied. Vital signs should be monitored all the time. A research has been made about how this type of seizurecauses brain damage. It has been observed that the prolonged seizure causes death of some brain cell structures, and these are the dendrites.

Grand Mal Seizures and Brain Damage

What Needs to be Done in Cases of Grand Mal Seizures

If your loved one already has grand mal seizures from time to time, it is important to increase your collaboration with your physician. In this way, your loved one will be observed properly and timely interventions may be given to avoid the occurrence of status epilepticus that can cause brain damage.

Grand Mal Seizures Related information & Suggestions

The very best and only way you can actually help you and your family prepare and deal with grand mal seizures is simply by reading and mastering a lot more about them. So see more posts on our grand mal seizures website.

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