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A Pragmatic Clinical Trial Is Must With Every New And Emerging Anti-Epilepsy Drug

Epilepsy treatments in children have been a great concern amongst the medical community. They believe that a parallel drug development program should be continued, especially for children, as progression of epilepsy and its treatments differs among adults and children. The drugs used for grand mal seizures known as the antiepileptic drugs may cause serious side effects.  The Food and Drug Administration in U.S. is worried about the use of seizure drugs as many times they are not fully tested before licensing.  Also, the doctors and practitioner have no official guidelines on the doses before prescribing to the patients. As a precaution they prescribe an effective dose considering child’s age and size.

Seizure Control But Not At The Cost Of General Health Of The Child

There is absolutely no doubt on the point that seizures control is very important and for children this is one of the many key factors assuring their quality of life. Seizure control is important but not at the cost of general wellness and easy functioning of the child. Though, researches are being done at a large number and as a result various new anti-epilepsy drugs have been introduced. Some of these researches have proved fruitful but they could not eliminate the use of old drugs. In some cases, these new drugs have even created a therapeutic confusion and resulted in inappropriate treatment.

Side Effects Of Pediatric Drugs For Grand Mal Seizures

Anti-Epilepsy Medications Cause Obesity And Increased Insulin Level In Children

Some of the pediatric drugs cause visual field defects. The defects usually are asymptomatic but can be severe too, if not consulted with the physician. The truth behind these pediatric drugs has raised the concern amongst the major health institutes. They have been working hard for pediatric drug reform for past many years.  The European Union also came forward with better medical regulation for children to ensure increased availability of licensed medicines, especially for children with epilepsy.

Old AEDs Vs. New AEDs

The conventional anti-epileptic drugs affect various body organs, especially the liver. Their neurobehavioral effects have also been a matter of concern for long. When it comes to children these drugs become more susceptible as their toxic reactions may influence their bone density, body weight and insulin sensitivity. Some AED doses have given obesity and increased insulin level in children. The main difference between old AEDs and new AEDs is found in their association with lower bone mineral density. With systematic study and research the new generation AEDs are lacking in bone mineral density and appearing beneficial on body weight.

Be Informed With The Pros And Cons Of Anti-Epilepsy Drugs

Be Informed With The Prose And Corns Of Anti-Epilepsy Drugs

Children with generalized convulsions or grand mal seizures need extra attention while they are given anti-epilepsy medications. Being a parent you have to be well aware of the side effects of a particular drug. Make you well informed with the prose and corns of anti-epilepsy drugs. They may be dangerous if avoided a single dose or taken it with other drugs without prior consultation with your child’s doctor. Follow the prescription strictly and make sure you never run out of medicine. Stopping medication can be life-threatening to the child. So, strictly avoid being impulsive with your child’s medication and consult his physician first before going for a trial.

Grand Mal Seizures Resources & Advice

The best and best way you are able to help yourself get ready and deal with grand mal seizures is by examining and learning much more about them. So have a look at more material on our grand mal seizures site.

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