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Grand Mal Seizure in Pregnancy

Don’t “Joke” with Grand Mal Seizures

There are a lot of women that belong to the age bracket of childbearing years have seizure disorders. Once a woman with a history of grand mal seizure gets pregnant, she should immediately inform her physician about it. The common concerns during these kinds of pregnancies are increased seizure frequency, miscarriage, fetal malformation and prenatal death.

Effects of Drugs on Grand Mal Seizures and Baby

Grand Mal Seizures and Pregnancy

A pregnant woman who has a history of grand mal seizure is advised to decrease the intake of antiepileptic drugs. This is for the reason that there is an increased distribution volume and hepatic metabolism of the drug during pregnancy; and this can lead to fetal malformation. However, when a pregnant woman decreases her intake of antiepileptic drugs, there will be an increased seizure frequency.

Genetic Counseling for Grand Mal Seizures and Pregnancy

A lot of tests must be done to a woman who has a possibility of developing grand mal seizures during pregnancy, especially if she is regularly taking her medications for the illness. Genetic counseling must be done to the pregnant woman. There are some physicians who attempt to decrease the pharmacotherapy to monotherapy, and taper the dosages of the antiepileptic drugs to the lowest dose that is possible. There must also be a regular checkup of the total and free levels of antiepileptic drugs in the body of the pregnant woman. However, for pregnant women who have not had an incident of grand mal seizure for 2-5 years, there should be an attempt on complete withdrawal from the antiepileptic drugs. All of these interventions and management should be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

Grand mal seizures info

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