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Electrical Signals Imbalance Leads To The Formation Of Grand Mal Seizures

Causal Factors of Grand Mal Seizures and Tips

Grand mal seizures or generalized tonic-clonic seizure is one of the most common and dangerous seizure attacks. It usually involves muscle contraction, rigidity and loss of consciousness. There are many electrical signals responsible for proper functioning of our brain and any imbalance in them often leads to the formation of seizure. Grand mal seizures affect your whole body and can be once or can be repetitive in nature.  It always tends to follow a pattern of symptoms that can be easily recognized. It starts with aura, abnormal sights, hallucinations, smells and tastes.

Kinds Of Symptoms Of Grand Mal Seizures You Should Be Aware Of

There are different kinds of symptoms that grand mal seizure attack shows. They can be classified in to two different categories:

  • Aura Symptoms
  • Tonic –clonic symptoms

Grand Mal Seizure - High Muscle Contraction For Few Minutes

Aura marks the initial stage of grand mal seizures and is very shocking too. It’s very difficult for a person to undergo such painful attacks in his life. It can be visible through the following:

  • There are abnormal sensations in your body which you find very irritating.
  • There is a change in taste, smell and hearing activities.
  • You might feel very dizzy or undergo lightheadedness.
  • You start to have hallucinations.
  • There can be a sudden change in your vision or you might find yourself blind for some time.

These are few symptoms that you can notice having an aura grand mal seizure.

Tonic-clonic symptoms are often caused after aura stage of grand mal seizures. Following symptoms could be noticed:

  • You can bite your cheek or tongue.
  • You might lose the sensation to urinate.
  • You might notice very high muscle contraction for few minutes, it is very painful yet a significant symptom of grand mal seizure.
  • There could be muscle spasms and stiff muscle for another few minutes.  This is the often the last stage of tonic-clonic severe grand mal seizure attack.

There might also be chances of life threatening seizure attacks, in that cases immediately seek assistance from the nearest hospital.

Different Mechanism Causing Grand Mal Seizures

According to different studies conducted there are three main mechanisms responsible for creation of grand mal seizure in our brain. Firstly, it could be because of abnormal hyperexcitable cortexresponse to the normal thalamic input.  Secondly, trigger movement of the primary subcortical and lastly, abnormal behavior of the cortical innervations from the subcortical structures. Neurons released from the high-voltage electrical discharge are known to be hyperexcitable and they always remain at a stage of partial depolarization. This often becomes the cause of disrupted electrical activity and a person becomes prone to seizure attacks.

Antiepileptic Drugs Such As Valproate Are Quite Effective For Treating Grand Mal Seizures

Be Alert! Insist On A Timely Check Up From Your Doctor Even If You Had One Grand Mal Seizure Attack

Usually a simple grand mal seizure does not require treatment but you should always insist on a timely medical check up to ensure that it does not develop more. Though, there are three main treatments that are often prescribed that are usage of medicine, specialized surgeries and electrical facsimile. Antiepileptic drugs are quite effective for treating grand mal seizures and also if the case is serious brain surgery is done to remove the epileptic focus. So always be cautious about different symptoms and get the necessary help as soon as possible because a delay may be very harmful in controlling seizure.

Grand Mal Seizures Guidance & Tips

The most effective and only way you can actually help you and your family prepare and accept grand mal seizures is by browsing and learning more about them. So take a look at more resources on our grand mal seizures site.

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