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What are Myoclonic Seizures?

Myoclonic Seizures are usually concise, shock-like jerks of the muscle or a group of muscles. Expanding the term, “Myo” means muscle and “clonus” means an instant alternating denial and repose, jerking or twitching of the muscle. Generally, they do not last more than a second or two. Though, one can experience one, but sometimes within a short time two can also happen.

These epileptic syndromes can typically begin in childhood; even so the seizures can take place at any age. Other characteristics are based upon the particular syndrome. Moreover, people who do not have epilepsy can undergo myoclonis in a sudden jerk or hiccups that may instantly wake you up as up as you are just falling asleep, which is quite normal. In Epilepsy, these seizures can cause abnormal movements on both body sides at the same period. They can occur in different syndromes of the epilepsy that have diverse traits.

Myoclonic Seizures (MS) in a Variety of Epilepsy Syndrome

Generally, there are three kinds of the syndromes associated with MS. These are

Juvenile Myoclonic Seizures

Myoclonic Seizures

The seizures commonly experienced in neck, shoulder muscles, and top arms. In most patients this seizures quite often occurs just after waking up. They commonly begin in puberty or maybe sometimes in early adulthood in those that have a normal variety of intelligences. In most cases, these seizures could be well manipulated with medication nonetheless it must end up being continued through life.

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

This is a rare syndrome that usually includes other forms of seizures likewise. It starts in the early childhood. Your myoclonic seizures generally involve the neck, shoulder muscles, upper forearms, and often the face. They could be quite strong and are difficult to regulate.

Progressive Myoclonic Seizures

Another rare syndrome within this category features a mixture of myoclonic seizures in addition to tonic-clonic seizures. Treatment is often not productive for an extended time, as the sufferer deteriorates as the time passes.

One can fail to notice this kind of seizures because they are so short and can occur as extra normal movements. After this seizure ends, the person continues with his/her work they were doing before the seizure. They are mindful and know what they were doing. However, when it comes to the medication you can get ample choices. The process of diagnosing this seizure is quite easy as it can be analysis on the basis of EEG Test or medical history as well.

If you think that an individual or the sufferer are obtaining these seizures, talk to your health practitioner and discuss your concerns straight away. Because myoclonic seizures can be associated with certain syndromes, seeing a health care professional quickly to create a diagnosis and commence treatment is important.

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  1. My daughter just start having MS real bad about 2 weeks ago. When she told me that it has been happening for a year I ask ed why she never told me and she said “I thought they would go away. Right now she takes a low dose of keppra but I know once she goes back to neurologist they will increase it. I really want to know is there something else I can do for her to make her comfortable, because she still has to go to school and it happens there everyday?

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