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Suction Machine and Grand Mal Seizures

Grand mal seizures or tonic clonic seizure is one of the many seizure disorders. In grand mal seizures, the entire brain function is affected. There are no known definite cause for grand mal seizures, but there are known causative factors that can increase a person’s risk for an episode or attack of grand mal seizures. Epilepsy is usually associated with cases of grand mal seizures, but not all the time. A person with no known epilepsy can still suffer from one attack or episode of grand mal seizures during his or her lifetime.

First Aid of Grand Mal Seizures

Since grand mal seizures usually happen unexpectedly, bystanders or anyone who can witness the attack play a very big role in helping the patient survive the attack by performing correct first aid. Usually, episodes or attacks of grand mal seizures are very life-threatening due to the sudden loss of consciousness of the patient, which can cause the patient to fall down the ground and possibly hitting his or her head hard on the floor. Head injuries are usually the main cause of death during grand mal seizures. Bystanders or anyone who can witness an attack should know the proper first aid and should ensure that the patient is safe from any injuries, by making sure that the patient’s surrounding is safe and the patient’s head is secured from hitting or banging the ground.

Suction Machine during Grand Mal Seizures

Suction Machine and Grand Mal Seizures

One possible complication of grand mal seizures is aspiration or choking of patient’s own secretions. If possible, during an attack of grand mal seizures, secure a suction machine or even a bulb syringe. Suction machine and/or bulb syringe can help in clearing the patient’s throat and mouth from any excess secretions that can cause choking or aspiration, which can be dangerous to the patient.

When to Use the Suction Machine

Always remember never try to insert anything to the patient’s mouth during the grand mal seizure episode, including tongue depressor or even the tube connected to the suction machine. By doing so, you will not do any good to the patient, but you will only cause more trouble to the patient. Tongue depressors should NEVER be used, while the suction machine should only be used AFTER the seizure episode. While suctioning the patient’s mouth and throat using the suction machine, let the patient lie on his side (left or right) or place the patient into a recovery position. The recovery position can also help in preventing aspiration after an episode of grand mal seizure.

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