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How To Know It Is Abdominal Epilepsy Causing You Abdominal Pain?

You cannot classify all types of epilepsy under generalized category. There are seizure symptoms that are different than the impairment of the consciousness. They are simple partial seizures cause due to some epileptic movement in a small part of the brain.

Unlike a generalized seizures, when you experience a simple partial seizure your behavior does not go abnormal during the time of seizures. There are many known types of simple partial seizures but today we will discuss only one type in which the sufferer have unexplained and reoccurring episodes of stomach symptoms. The type of simple partial seizure is also known as autonomic seizure because it has a close connection with autonomic nervous system (ANS) of the brain. Typically, ANS manages many dynamic tasks of the human body such as sexual functions, gut, mobility, heart rate, and blood pressure while body is active, sweating, urination, fear reaction, tear flow and more.

How To Know If You Have Abdominal Epilepsy?

Abdominal Epilepsy

It is a five step process that will help you determine if you have abdominal epilepsy or not. Read through all five steps and find out what is causing you stomach paint every morning. Is it abdominal epilepsy or something else like stomach migraine making your mornings worse?

  • Check if you have abdominal discomfort or nausea along with epigastric rising, meaning that the sensation of symptoms you get starts at the abdomen and rise up to the throat.
  • Do you have stomach pain along with vomiting and bowel noise because of a lot of gas traveling inside the intestine?
  • Check with other symptoms such as flushing, pallor, dilated pupils, goose bumps with hair standing on end, increased respiration and heart rate and frequent urination.
  • Other than these regular symptoms a few people get some unusual experiences like sexual arousal, penile erection and even orgasm
  • Lab tests again are helpful to make it creating if it is abdominal seizure or something more serious. Go for an EEG (Electro Encephalogram), it is known as a gold standard test for brain equivalent to EKG. During the test small electrodes are fitted over possibly affected areas of the brain and record the electrical activities. Diagnosis is confirmed by getting abnormal activity in the brain waves in the tracings. CT and MRI head might also be suggested to evaluate physical causes of seizures including stroke or brain tumors.

Abdominal Epilepsy and Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is common complaint you hear from your children, but what specific etiology is connected with the pain is not always be identified. It is sometimes difficult to believe that emotional and psychological factors can play a major role in some patience with abdominal irregularities. In some children, however, few other reasons related to local causes should be considered. Sometimes the episodic tendency of stomach pain suggests the diagnosis of underlying reason as epilepsy, however, other patients with episodic abdominal pain show no other features of general seizure such as loss of consciousness, therefore, in most cases, this rare type of small partial seizure misdiagnosed.

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