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Seizures and Teens | Types of Seizures

Seizures can be broadly separated into two groups: (1) primary generalized seizures and (2) partial seizures. Primary generalized seizures begin with a widespread, excessive electrical discharge that involves both sides of the brain at the same time. In contrast, partial seizures begin with an abnormal electrical discharge that begins in one area of the brain. Diagnostic tests and therapies can vary for these disorders, making correct diagnosis essential. A description of what happened before, during and after the seizure, as well as recordings of the brain waves, help the doctor to determine the type of seizure.

Primary Generalized Seizures

• Absence

• Myoclonic

• Atonic

• Clonic

• Tonic

• Tonic-clonic


• Simple Partial

• Complex Partial

• Partial seizures that secondary generalize


Source: By Orrin Devinsky, M.D. Seizures and Teens: Sorting Out Seizures

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