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General information about seizures

There is always some activity going on in our brain. Brain sends signals to different parts of the body to perform various functions. Suddenly when these electrical signals are mixed you can expect a disturbance in your brain and as a result seizures may occur. This type of situation is mostly described in terms of epilepsy after which a person becomes vulnerable to other seizures like petit mal in kids and teens and focal seizures in adults.

Onset of seizures:

Petit mal siezures are more common in kids.

Any seizure whether it is petit mal or focal seizure can start at any age. However it is observed that most of the seizures take place at a particular age. Like petit mal seizures usually start at a very young age. These seizures can last when the kid grows up. Petit mal seizures are very rarely diagnosed in adults. Whereas focal seizures are a minute time period disturbance of the brain during which you think your eyes are stuck on a certain thing with no contact with what’s going on in surroundings. Focal seizures are more common in adults and they last not more than a few seconds.

Classification of seizures:

International league against epilepsy (ILAE) has classified all the seizures and had given names to all of the types. This practice helps in giving treatment. It is a common phenomenon that there are two or more than two seizures that resemble with one another in symptoms. Different names help in diagnosing different seizures thus the doctor can give proper medication to the patient. A medicine that works in petit mal might prove useless for focal

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