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Epilepsy and Dating – Should I Tell That I Have Epilepsy at the Very First Date

Dating or maintaining an intimate relationship is not an issue for people who experience seizures once in a while. But for people, who experience multiple seizures more frequently, dating and maintaining romantic relationships can be more challenging. However, many people with frequent seizure attacks have adjusted well to this challenging health condition are successful in maintaining an active romantic life. All persons suffering with epilepsy usually have doubts whether to reveal about their epileptic condition to the person they’re dating.

Epilepsy and Dating – When Is the Right Time to Disclose Your Epileptic Condition?

epilepsy and dating

There is no reason to disclose your epileptic condition at the very first date. Unless you are suffering with repeated seizure activity that might occur on your very first date, it is advised that you should wait until you develop a sense of trust and openness in the relationship. Such a relationship bond may be formed on the first date or the twentieth date, or it may never happen. If you are not comfortable with the other person sharing your everyday life and there’s just no chemistry between you two, there is no reason to discuss your health condition. If you notice that you both are heading to a more promising relationship, it is good to discuss the epilepsy health condition earlier rather than later. The best way to tell the other person about your epilepsy issue is to meet him and talk face to face, not over the internet, cell –phone or text message.

Be Honest

Remember that the way in which you presented your disorder is the only way how the other person will perceive it. The person who is suffering from epilepsy should be honest in revealing the truth about the disorder and how it affects their life. The person you’re dating should be given time and be allowed to react in his/her own way on hearing about your disorder. The person who is suffering with epilepsy had time to adjust-well to the disorder, but your date will definitely need time to think about it and ask you questions.

Don’t Just Talk About Epilepsy

epilepsy and dating

Epilepsy should not be the center point of conversation. The two people must have discussions about it and then just talk about other stuffs. Like everyone else, epileptic people also have different hobbies, attributes and traits; epilepsy shouldn’t be the only topic of conversation.

Take Rejection Positively

Anyone experiences rejection at some point of life when they start dating or getting involved in romantic relationships. Some partners may reject a person on the first date or the third date, and other may even break up the relationships after a long period of dating. Rejection is, awkwardly, a part and parcel of dating life for everyone and it’s not something unique just for epileptic persons. People are rejected for various reasons such as: social beliefs, physical & personal traits, and other reasons. A person’s subconscious observes a lot of emotions or feelings and we end up attracted to some people and not to others. Epilepsy health condition may be rejected by some people, but it may be appealing to others who love to care for someone. However, a successful relationship depends a lot on individuals’ personality trait and epilepsy takes the second place and is just seen as a normal medical problem.

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