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What is West Syndrome?

West Syndrome is basically an epileptic condition that generally attack infants. This condition is known to be absolutely uncommon and rare. If we were to visit history we will come to know that this syndrome is named after English physician William James West. The conclusion was based on his article that was published in The Lancent; way back in the year 1841. The article was a result of his own experience which came through his own four month old son. Apart from its historical name, this syndrome is popularly referred to as Infantile Spasms or simply IS’ in many medical institutions as well as publications.

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West Syndrome Symptoms

At a very primary level, one of the basic symptoms that are likely to pop out in a West Syndrome affected infant is nothing, but some unique kind of spasms. In this type of condition, both arms as well as legs of the infant are seen extending unreasonably, which tend to stiffen over a period of time. Apart from this, the body posture of the child is also known to get affected largely, with the body either pulping out from the front or back side. At a more serious level, the infant is also seen suffering from the problem of chaotic brain waves.

Furthermore, any child affected with West Syndrome is known to face heavy difficulties in the area of learning. The affected child’s learning graph is likely to suffer drastically. The symptoms of this condition are believed to go even further wherein the affected infant can even lose other basic skills that have already been adopted by him or her. Above all, the affected child can also face the problem of developmental regression. However, all said and done on an overall level, the West Syndrome symptoms are known to differ from one affected infant to the other. Similarly, the frequency and intensity of these symptoms are also known to range from something very intense and serious to something that is somewhat minor.

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Treatment for West Syndrome

In spite of the intensity of the West Syndrome condition, there is a readily available treatment for the same. The only disadvantage with respect to the West Syndrome Treatment is that it is slightly difficult to bring into practice and so also the outcome is not definite. One of the most widely used treatments for West Syndrome is nothing, but Steroid Therapy. In case of this therapy, generally the hormone adrenocorticotropic is injected in the affected infant’s body. Yet another alternative that is explored in heavy detail in order to counter the West Syndrome is use of the seizure medication Sabril.

Children affected by the West Syndrome are also required to follow a specific diet in order to recover from this condition. The diet that we are talking about here is the ketogenic intake. Last, but not the least comes yet another option that is known to play a central role in treating the West Syndrome, which is undoubtedly resection of a localized region.

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