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Valproic Acid Dosage: Things You Must Know

Valproic Acid Dosage – Efficacious Anticonvulsant Drug:

In recent time, Valproic Acid dosage has emerged as one of the most effective anticonvulsant drug for patients suffering from grand mal seizures and bipolar disorder. This meds is found highly efficient and effective in treating rapid cycling. As an anticonvulsant, this remedy has been found pretty robust in handling seizures and bipolar disordered patients.

Grand Mal Seizures – Frequent & Terrible

When it comes to seizure, one should have proper knowledge about the must frequent kind of seizure these days, Grand Mal Seizure, in which almost entire brain gets affected. Generally, this pretty common medical trauma has two phases. Typically, in first phase aka tonic phase, the patients realize confining across the body muscles and his/her big feet and hands flip inward or outward, which lead fall down if doesn’t have any support. Semiconscious victim turns helpless and may produce loud screams. The second phase, which is commonly known as the clonic phase, remains for a prolong duration.

Impact Of Different Phase Of Grand Mal Seizures On Patients

Generally, these seizures are categorized in two phases. First phase lasts within few minutes, but second phase is quite critical. During this phase, the patient may go through heavy eyes rolling back, body shaking, trying to bite the tongue very hard, and completely non-functioning-body parts situation. So, Grand Mal Seizures are certainly amid most perilous set of seizures. Now, come to the most frequently used remedy for these disorders, Phenytoin, Phenobarbital and Valproic Acid are commonly used supplements that help treat grand mal seizures.

Valproic Acid Dosage Depends On Seizures’ Condition

Valproic Acid

Undoubtedly, this remedy has found great in treating extreme bipolar disorder and seizures; however, there are influencing factors on which dose of valproic acid depends. It includes but not limited to the weight of patient, other medicines using in the course, specific types of seizures being cured. Dosing varies for all set of seizures. Where for partial seizures, dosing may reach up-to 15 mg per kg total each day, dosing for less critical seizures types may get down to 10 mg.

Additional Things About Valproic Acid

The remedy is available in syrup, capsule form. It is usually taken through mouth maximum up-to three times a day.  As always, go with your consultant suggestion and there is really no standard rule that the medication needs to be taken according to some particular timing and it can be taken with or without food. If anyhow after dose, you feel some something abnormal in your stomach, better to consult physician about taking it with food only. The medicine is pretty sensitive drugs and people should maintain its soberness. So, never try to crush, mess or open capsules. The capsules ought to be consumed whole in order at a single time to restrict any slightest possibility of irritation in throat and stomach.

All and all, Valproic Acid is crucial and great in its benefits, however, it is always best to concern to your physician or consultant. So that the remedy continuously offering you a healthy and happy life to live. And if anyhow, you have any doubt about anything related to Valproic acid dosing and Grand Mal Seizure, concern your specialist straight away.

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