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Vaccine For Rotavirus May Protect Against Infant Seizures

Seizure refers to the imperfection in brain’s functionality. Its type of abnormality of brain functioning that result in a change in movement. Types of seizures are different and may occur to different parts of the brain affecting whole or specific part of the body. Seizure may occur for number of reasons, especially in children it is very tedious to find out the actual reason. Seizures in newborn are completely different symptoms then in toddlers, school-going children and adolescents. Watching your kid having seizure can be a frightening experience for a parent.

Seizure Management In Infants

Infant seizures are terrifying events, leaving parents to think how to help their kind in handling these unnerving experiences. Infants can not tell their parents what is happening to them, parents only get aware of child’s situation when they visually notice symptoms in the child. Seizure management is not easy; it is dependent entirely on the type of treatment suitable to the situation. Parents need to note down every movement they notice in their child during a seizure so that they can properly communicate the same to the doctor for its management.

Rotavirus Vaccination

Rotavirus Vaccination Reduces The Risk of Seizures

Vaccination is an age-old method of stimulating the production of antibodies. It develops adaptive immunity in an individual against a medical condition. In more simple terms vaccines are biological preparations that are made to protect adults and children alike from the host of disease. It is no wonder that some of these vaccines may protect its wearer against several other diseases they were proposed to prevent. A recent study strengthens this belief.  According to the study vaccination against rotavirus also lowers the risk of seizures in infants. Rotavirus vaccination reduces 20% to 21% the risk of seizures requiring immediate doctor visit, compared with children who are unvaccinated.

Acute intestinal illness caused by rotavirus has been a strong carrier of seizures. This may be a reason; rotavirus vaccination lowers the risk of seizures in infants.

Duties As A Parent

Vaccinating your child does not end your duties as a parent. If your child has seizure, most important is to keep him/her safe during the event. Move the nearby objects away to avoid any possible injury. Stay calm and do not touch or hold the child down assuming it would ease out his suffering. Notify the doctor immediately after the event is over and describe the seizure symptoms in detail for better management of seizure.

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