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How to Make Your Travel Seizure Free?

Having epilepsy doesn’t mean that you need to limit or forget completely about traveling to your dream destinations or for work. You don’t have to be an armchair traveler. According to the expert neurologists, as long as an epileptic person is carefully planning his travel, he/she will have no trouble even traveling long distances. Whether you are planning for a leisure travel or for business purpose, following the steps mentioned in the next paragraphs will ensure that your travel is enjoyable and safe.

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Take Enough Supply of Medications

When traveling by air, it is recommended that you keep all your medications in their original containers. If you have any medicine to be taken only on emergency basis then label it properly and keep it in a different pocket of your hand luggage. See that you take enough medications to cover your business or leisure trip and add a few extra dosages in case of travel delays.

Carry Medical Records

Remember that custom officials may ask about your medications (seeing the large quantity), so ask your doctor to prepare a new prescription for you stating about your epilepsy and the various anti-epileptic medicines that you need to consume and also keep duplicate copies of your prescriptions. If there is any confusion or if the baggage inspector asks you any questions, carrying relevant documents can really help you save time and get in the flight without any hassle.


Even for a person without epilepsy it becomes difficult to maintain good sleep while traveling. So as being epileptic you need to pay special attention that you get enough sleep. Sleep deficiency is one of the key triggers of having a seizure, so get as much sleep as possible. If you are purchasing economy class ticket, insist on booking a seat just next to the airplane’s door. This has the maximum space for your legs as there are no seats in front of you. If you are not able to book such a seat then go for aisle seat. So make every effort that you are comfortable whether traveling by air or road and then only get ahead with the journey.


If you are traveling to a different time-zone, then you need to adjust your medication timing accordingly. Ask your pharmacist to help you plan your medication timing while traveling to a different time zone.

Medical Bracelet

If you do not have seizure bracelets, then order one. It is very important to have while traveling to long distances. Wearing a medical bracelet helps people and airplane staff to know that you need special care and also alert people if you have a seizure.

Avoid Alcohol

Do not drink alcohol and also limit your caffeine and water intake as these can cause seizures. Insist on having light food and try to eat regularly. Take your snacks with you in your hand baggage so that when you feel hungry you have something ready to eat.


Get a travel insurance coverage before traveling. Many companies do offer insurance coverage for epilepsy patients while traveling. So invest a little time to search for the right company and get it done positively before traveling. Keep a copy of the insurance letter in your hand baggage.

Manage your Stress

Traveling can sometimes be a heck of job and cause body or mental stress. Be aware of this and try to stay calm and happy even at the worst situations. If you are able to manage your stress, then you can manage your seizures to a great extent.

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