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Grand Mal Seizures in Infants

Generalized tonic clonic seizure or grand mal seizures is a type of seizure that it caused by unusual and abnormal electrical activities in the brain. There are some health problems that cause this type of seizure. High body temperature of metabolism changes can be a cause of grand mal seizure in infants. It commonly occurs on toddlers and infants under the age of 2. The examples of metabolic changes are glucose, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6 and sodium. This occurs if there is an abnormal amount of the substances in the blood. However, if the cause is neither the metabolic changes nor the high temperature, it can be attributed to congenital conditions such as Down’s syndrome or a certain genetic defect.

Grand Mal Seizures in Infants

Signs of Grand Mal Seizures in Infants

Grand mal seizures in infants can be easily recognized because the baby will be probably having stiff movements of the arms and legs. His head may also drop forward together with rapid jerking of the arms and legs. The whole body of the infant will also shake with the knees high and the arms flexing forward. The baby may look as if he is trying to hold on or reach something from above. If your infant experiences these attacks, you need to consult your physician because it is very dangerous if left untreated.

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  1. Definitely, poor baby and poor parents… i mean grand mal seizure is no joke…

  2. I didn’t know grand mal seizure can happen in infants… poor parents…

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