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Managing Seizures To Achieve The Best Seizure Control Possible

In this content, I have tried to bring some aspects on how to manage epileptic seizure in a person. Let’s first understand about the...

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Petit mal seizures and medicine

It is observed that most of the petit mal seizure cases are treated with the help of drugs. For parents it is very difficult to swallow...

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Handling People Experiencing Grand Mal Seizures

You Don’t Have to be a Doctor to Help with Grand Mal Seizures Due to the abnormal electrical brain discharges, grand mal seizures,...

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Guide for Parents | Absence Seizures and Daydreaming

It can be a difficult thing to tell the difference between the petit mal or absence seizures and daydreaming. Sometimes the child...

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Biting Your Tongue during Grand Mal Seizures?

Grand Mal Seizures Indirect Injuries A number of people have the tendency to bite their tongue during their grand mal seizures. This can...

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Grand Mal Seizures Information and First Aid

Phases of Grand Mal Seizures & General Info A grand mal seizures are the most common type of seizures that involves every part of the...

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Instructions for Parents with Children Suffering from Seizures

Seizure first aid It is likely you already know your child has seizure illness. There are many kinds of seizures. Here are three main...

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