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Seizure Disorders And Medical Marijuana

Seizures types vary from one individual to another. The main types of seizure attacks include tonic, atonic, atypical and myoclonic. All these seizure types show different characteristics/ or have different ways to attack the body. Seizures that are common in children usually show different symptoms and are sometimes untraceable. Families spend thousands of dollar on EEG and other expensive pathological tests, yet seizures’ cause in children sometimes still remains unknown. When the seizure’s cause or type of epilepsy a child is having is not identified, then that child undergoes various experiments from doctors. But, that’s how the doctors have to deal to control seizures.

Families With Children Often Move To Medical Marijuana Friendly States

After following the proper doctor’s treatment for years, still many families whose child/children who still face seizures are now looking for an alternative to alleviate the seizure pain/suffering. Families whose children are affected with rare kind of epilepsy such as Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome never get a good night sleep.

The frequent seizure activity even after proper treatment has resort many families to try the cannabis for seizures. Medical marijuana has shown some positive effects to control seizure activity. But, with so many legal issues and formalities, families with children often move to medical marijuana friendly states for the treatment. Here are some extracts from CNN, The Journal, Huffingpost on use of medical marijuana for seizures:

“CBD has been found to be effective at treating not just epilepsy but also at stopping metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer and at killing cancerous cells found in people with leukemia.”

“I’m at the point where my child really, really needed help, so this was my last resort, in a sense. And I know that I’m not alone, which is why I’m also hoping to do what I can to see the law change in West Virginia to allow the medical use of marijuana – a positive change that would no doubt help many children.”

“Parents don’t want to bring their children to something controversial like cannabis,” says Harborside’s executive director, Steven DeAngelo. “They do it reluctantly, and they do it because they’re at their wit’s end.”

“DeAngelo says children with severe autism, epilepsy, ADHD and cancer can be helped by medicinal marijuana. But those sick children, says DeAngelo, often face barriers to accessing marijuana.”

The Role Of Cannabinoids In The Treatment To Control Seizure Activity In Children

The role of cannabinoids in the treatment to control seizure activity in children has come under the limelight in recent months. There are media reports/articles of parents whose children have seen drastic change in the frequency of seizures through the use of medical marijuana. Parents have shifted to different state where the use of medical marijuana is legal for the treatment of their children. Many parents claim medical marijuana as miraculous as they noticed reductions in seizures from Day 1 while using medical marijuana.

Increase In The Number Of Patients

There is an increase in the number of patients coming up for epilepsy treatment from medical marijuana. The airing of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN documentary “WEED”, which features the success story of a 6 year old Charlotte Figi, also has attracted many parents towards trying medical

marijuana for their children towards epilepsy.

Charlotte Figi was diagnosed with a rare disorder Dravet Syndrome and when everything failed from medicines and diet, her parents sorted to make use of cannabis and the results were positive. From frequent several seizures, Charlotte only experienced few seizures.

Charlotte Figi

When parents are not able to find the right treatment for their children with epilepsy and uncontrolled seizure activity, they are usually left with ‘out of the box’ solution to help their kid. Currently, medical marijuana is legalized in 18 states and in States you can get it upon approval especially for the treatment of epilepsy.

Still More Research Is Yet To Be Done

However, there are still more researches need to be done but it’s a silver lining in the dark cloud for some children with epilepsy. Look for more informative contents on epilepsy and seizures by clicking here.

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