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Psychiatric Disorders In Children And Adolescents

Children with sleepwalking disorder sometimes have seizures when they grow older. These children are not exactly a victim of sleep...

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Children With Sleep Walking Disorder May Have Seizures When They Grow Old

Petit mal seizure is a seizure  which is not characterized by the muscles contractions and whole body jerking. Petit mal seizure consists...

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An Insight To Petit Mal Seizure In Children

Petit mal seizures are also known as absence seizures. They are mostly seen in children. According to medical researchers, in this type of...

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Petit Mal Seizure | Why Should You Be Cautious While Taking Food

Petit mal seizure is most common in the age group of 16 to 20. It is characterized by abrupt and small interruption in the consciousness...

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Having Alzheimer’s Disease May Increase The Risk Of Seizure In Elderly

The general perception about petit mal seizure is that it most often attacks to the children but very rarely to the adult and elderly....

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Absence Seizure | A Few Dietary Precautions May Prevent Serious Damages

Absence seizure is common in children and is first noticed in them when they attain the age of  4 to 8 years. Seizure onset may also be...

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Petit Mal Seizures In The Elderly Are Usually A Result Of Aging

Petit mal seizure is common in children as well as in the people older than 60 years of age. In adults, petit mal seizure is one of the...

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Petit Mal Seizure | Don’t Let The Child Develop A Feeling Of Lack Of Self-Worth

We all are aware of the biological implication of petit mal seizures but tell me, how many of you know that they may have a profound...

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A Head Injury Should Also Be Monitored Considering Petit Mal Seizure

Petit mal seizure occur both children and adults with symptoms such as starching back the body, folding legs around chair and staring into...

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Immediate Medical Assistance Is Must With Repeated Seizure Attacks

Petit mal seizure is a kind of seizure that most often occurs in children. It usually involves a short and sudden lapse of conscious...

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