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Things You Should Know about Hypoglycemia Seizures

To understand the relationship between hypoglycemia and grand mal seizures (generalized or tonic-clonic seizures), it is very critical to...

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How to Make Your Travel Seizure Free?

Having epilepsy doesn’t mean that you need to limit or forget completely about traveling to your dream destinations or for work. You don’t...

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Does Balanced Diet Directly Effect Seizures?

Being healthy is being sharp and successful. A balanced diet is as necessary as the oxygen in daily life. It not only makes your brain...

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Does your Anti-Epileptic Drugs Affect Your Method of Contraception?

Women with epilepsy taking anti-epileptic drugs may have difficulty in preventing pregnancy using some contraception methods. This usually...

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Does Relaxation and Training Therapies Control Seizures?

Few home and natural treatments such as herbal remedies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, massage, training and acupuncture therapies can help to...

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How to Manage Your Epilepsy in University

While you are at home, your life with epilepsy is easily manageable with specific routines and timely medications; you may also get...

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University Life and Epilepsy – How to Plan your Living Accommodation?

University life is all about enjoying life and partying hard – correct? Not necessarily. As a young epileptic person, enjoying university...

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Epilepsy and Dating – Should I Tell That I Have Epilepsy at the Very First Date

Dating or maintaining an intimate relationship is not an issue for people who experience seizures once in a while. But for people, who...

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Does Epilepsy Affect My Sexual Desire?

Sexuality forms an important part in the lives of all human beings. We are defined as sensual beings the instant a baby is born and the...

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What is Catemenial Epilepsy?

Do you notice changes in your seizure frequency or intensity just before your menstrual cycle starts? Well if yes, you could be a victim...

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