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Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Brain abnormalities caused due to any condition can give a rise to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). If you were to look at the basic...

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Grand Mal Seizures of Dogs

Nothing can be more scary and upsetting to see your dog suffering from a seizure episode. Just like people who have just undergone seizure...

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Grand Mal Seizures and Brain Damage

Grand Mal Seizures & Brain Trauma Chicken & Egg Game A lot of people are still wondering if grand mal seizures lead to brain...

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Effects of Alcohol on Grand Mal Seizures

Doctors never fail to warn patients with grand mal seizures about drinking alcohol. The effects of too much alcohol on grand mal seizures...

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Juvenile Absence Seizures

Juvenile absence seizure is very similar to childhood absence seizures, so it can be hard to tell apart the two syndromes. Juvenile...

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Stages of Grand Mal Seizures in Dogs

Animal Grand Mal Seizures & Stages Grand Mal Seizures in dogs result from an abnormal or sudden in change in the dog’s neurological...

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