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Intractable Epilepsy

When epilepsy is uncontrolled, it shows the continuous manifestation of an intolerable quantity of seizures despite judicious treatment....

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Memory Difficulties in People with Epilepsy

Seizures and memory loss are interconnected to each other. Loss of memory is a common aspect that is suffered by a person who is suffering...

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Can Anyone Suffering From A Seizures Disorder Have A Normal Life When Treated?

Seizures are yet difficult to understand but due to the improvement in medical sciences there have been significant procedures to heal it....

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Seizures in Cats

Seizures in cats are less frequent and more often due to organic disease of the brain than in dogs, i.e., idiopathic epilepsy is much less...

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I just had my very first grand mal seizures and I’m terrified

The First Grand Mal Seizures = Shocking Experience I just had my very first bad seizure (grand mal seizures) after roughly 7 years of...

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Symptoms and Signs of a Grand Mal/Tonic Clonic Seizure

Grand Mal Seizures Indicators Below you see a very easy bullet point list of grand mal seizures symptoms and signs. Sudden Cry Falling...

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