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Does Relaxation and Training Therapies Control Seizures?

Few home and natural treatments such as herbal remedies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, massage, training and acupuncture therapies can help to...

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Is Epilepsy Hereditary?

Many people might wonder, ‘is epilepsy hereditary?’ Well! The answer is “YES”. Generally, this is a very complicated condition...

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Emotional Support And Reassurance For Grand Mal Seizures

Generalized convulsive seizures also formerly known as grand mal seizures are considered as one of the most common seizures of modern...

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Anti-Convulsant Drugs for Grand Mal Seizures during Pregnancy

Grand Mal Seizures Medicine Can Lead to Birth Defects Grand mal seizures are induced by abnormalities in the electrical activities in the...

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Grand Mal Seizures Information and First Aid

Phases of Grand Mal Seizures & General Info A grand mal seizures are the most common type of seizures that involves every part of the...

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