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No More Ignorant Superstitions| Petit Mal Seizure Is A Purely Physical Phenomenon

Petit mal seizure is a brief distraction in the brain. Tendency of such kind is usually inherited. Petit mal seizure can be seen in three...

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Can Petit Mal Seizure Lead to Crime?

I saw a story in the news from Marietta about petit mal seizure where the police charged a 24 year old man for crashing his car and...

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Self Injury Because of Petit Mal Seizures

This is a real danger and often people don’t think about this aspect of petit mal seizures because mostly the famous seizures are the...

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An Issue in 2 Brain Areas Can Trigger Petit Mal Seizures

In August 2011, researchers working at the Stanford University School of Medicine have been able to identify a defect in the brain which...

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